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Staff Optimisation Solutions

Staff Optimisation Solutions

Quest’s Staff Optimisation Solutions assist our clients to improve employee performance which results in motivated and happy staff, leading to satisfied, loyal customers.

Your workforce is your most valuable resource and a key competitive differentiator. To continue to maximize the competitive edge that top talent gives your organization requires constant assessment of skills - identifying performance gaps, improving employee productivity and efficiency, as well as effectively forecasting workload and staff requirements.

Quest’s Staff Optimisation Solutions have a twofold focus: enhance operational performance within the organization, whilst simultaneously reducing the costs of human capital.

Why organizations use Quest’s
Staff Optimisation Solution?

  • Fluctuating Business Cycles
  • Costly training/coaching sessions
  • Absenteeism of permanent staff due to scheduled breaks
  • Late arrival at work
  • Unforeseen circumstances
  • Lack of employee motivation
  • Employee misconduct
  • Inflexibility of staff
  • Lack of appropriate training or upskilling
  • High overtime costs to make up for short falls

Benefits of Quest’s Staff
Optimisation Solutions Include:

  • Improved staff productivity and efficiency
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Improved operational management
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reduced operating expenses

The Ready to Go (R2G™) Model

In today’s ultra-competitive world immediate response is expected, without fail. This expectation has placed extreme pressure on organisations to provide an ever increasing level of customer service, at higher productivity levels and lower costs. This means you need a 100% occupancy levels for your customer service consultants.

Quest is leading the way in the development of an innovative staffing model that addresses this need in the scheduled or high volume working environments like BPO and Call Centre Industries. We call it The Ready-to-Go (R2G™) staffing model, which provides access to a workforce that is flexible and available at short notice to meet the changing demands of your business. At the same time, staff are highly trained and motivated due to Quest’s methodology of continuous learning and motivation.

Our Ready-to-Go (R2G™) solution is designed to address the unique challenges of downtime caused by factors such as:

  • Attrition
  • Absenteeism
  • Breaks
  • Non-adherence to schedule
  • Shrinkage: training and coaching sessions
  • Non-optimal occupancy

The challenges faced by a business in these working environments include: Costly training/coaching sessions; Absenteeism of permanent staff; Demotivated staff; Employee misconduct; Employees lacking the flexibility to perform various duties due to not being sufficiently trained, which results in high overtime costs to make up for the skills shortfall.

What the Quest (R2G™) Model Offers:

  • Quick response to change in load
  • Staff have the appropriate skills, knowledge and motivation
  • Access to a workforce that is flexible and available
  • Meet service levels with minimal business disruptions
  • No need for large inventories of permanent staff
  • Successful retention and improved performance of staff
  • Save costs
  • Get the right staff, with appropriate skills at short notice
  • Improved speed to market
  • Improved speed to productivity
  • Increase vocational learning and sustainable skills
  • Enhance operational effectiveness

Employee Life Cycle Model

The success of Quest’s Staff Optimisation Solutions is based on our unique Employee Life Cycle Model that covers:

  • Training and Development
  • Enhanced motivation through high engagement
  • Personal development plan
  • Frequent salary reviews in line with tenure and performance
  • Employee Well Being and Life Skills

What this Means for You, the Client:

  • Enhanced multi-skilling in different business units
  • Flexible and available workforce at short notice
  • High productivity and competency of skills
  • Cost Containment through pro-active scheduling
  • High number of trained staff available for peak workload at a lower cost than full time equivalent
  • Onsite Quest presence for improved scheduling and overall management.