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Job Search

Job Search

No1 In Customised Business Staffing Solutions in SA

Begin your job search by registering with Quest. We have over forty years of experience placing professional candidates in positions most suited to their skills and vision for a meaningful career.

Y Quest is 4U

  • Our services are free of charge!
  • We have strategic partnerships with leading employers
  • Our free online registration and application process
  • Quick and honest feedback
  • One-on-one support
  • Financial and wellness employee benefits
  • Facilitation of the future careers of our candidates
  • Data protection and full protection of personal information (POPI) compliance
  • Our services are legally compliant
  • We operate according to globally aligned best practices and the APSO Code of Conduct

Registration Process

  1. Prepare Your Information

    Organise all your profile information and CV details in a simple word document so that you can easily copy and paste your information into your Quest Job Portal Profile.

  2. Set Aside Time to Create Your Profile

    To register on the Quest Job Portal you will need to fill in all your details, we don't accept C.V. document uploads, so set aside at least 30 minutes to complete the full registration process.

  3. Click on the Register Your Profile Button

    Once you have all your information ready and you have set aside the time to complete your application process Click the 'Register Your Profile' button below.

  4. Complete the Registration Process

    Fill in all possible information as completely as possible. Make sure you clearly define your qualifications, important achievements and skills so our consultants can more easily match you with an appropriate position.

  1. Verify Your Profile

    An email will be sent to you, asking you to verify your account, make sure you click on the confirmation link to ensure that your profile becomes active.

  2. Search the Quest Job Portal

    Once your profile has been activated you can then search the Quest Job Portal. If you see a job that you are interested in you can login and click on the job to find out more about the details of the position.

  3. Apply for the Position

    If the job appeals to you and you have the relevant skills, click 'ENV. Apply' to put yourself forward for the position.

  4. If It's a Match We'll Call You

    Once you have verified your profile on the Quest Job Portal we will see if we can match you with an appropriate job, only once we have found a match will we call you. If you have applied for a job you have seen on the Quest Job Portal a consultant will only call you if your profile and credentials are an exact match.