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Bulk Recruitment Solutions (Perm & Contract)

Bulk Recruitment Solutions
(Perm & Contract)

Quest offers you a variety of bulk recruitment solutions. Whether you are looking to hire a large volume of permanent staff or require an outsourced solution to cover a specialised project or short-term increase in white-collar staff, our experts are able to screen, match and place large volumes of personnel quickly and effectively. We save you time and money so that you can adjust quickly to both internal and external changes.

Bulk Contract/Outsourced
Staffing Solutions

Outsourcing has become one of the most important aspects of any successful business strategy. The ability to keep your company agile with trimmed overheads, whilst still delivering service excellence for your clients, is pivotal to surviving in modern business. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is by outsourcing your low-margin activities and special projects. By partnering with Quest you can keep your day-to-day essential staffing costs at a minimum, only upscaling when necessary and downscaling as needed. Our bulk outsourced staffing team will complete an in depth analysis of your operations to ensure you get who you need, when you need them. 

Bulk Permanent Staffing

Quest has one of the most efficient specialised bulk permanent placement divisions in the country. Staying true to our innovative nature, we realized that large companies often need to be able to quickly structure and create entire new departments filled with permanent staff. Quest has developed a framework called the CAN - WANT - WILL™ Model which is used to profile role requirements and end-user outcomes at the candidate stage. The framework suggests that it is not sufficient to select employees for their knowledge, ability and experience, alone, due to other factors that impact upon performance, such as: personal motivations and aspirations; lifestyle factors; personal work style preferences; personality attributes; team dynamics and organisational culture. Quest employs this model to gain a multi-dimensional view of candidates, thus enabling us to deliver rapid, high-volume permanent placements for a single client.