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How to make that First Impression!

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22 January 2018

First impressions are everything! They are conducive of who you are and how people will end up treating you. From the tips of your toes to your quick-wit charms- you are going to be judged. So, why not put in your best and let that make the impression for you. Today we will give you five steps and guide you to make the first impression a good one.

Around seventy-percent of people can make accurate judgements within a microsecond. Ever wonder why people treat you the way that they do? There’s some sense behind their words, all joining together pixels to their image of you. This is especially important and key step when taking when heading off into the real world, for example- going for an interview. 

1.    Focus you energy: Having a particular frame in mind of what you want to do and see really puts structure into the outcome of the situation and allows everyone to know what your intentions are.

2.    Decoration should not be your intention: Seeking to look good during a first impression is a given but beware of making yourself too gaudy. Ask someone you trust about jewelry pieces and outfits for their honest opinions.  Make sure the idea you’re sending from your appearance is a direct one, appropriate and is saying what it is that you want it too say.

3.    Be wary of your body language: Stay conscious of your movements and your body’s reaction to things. Make sure your actions are appropriate for the situation and professional if in a professional environment. Beware of saggy shoulders and huffing about if you want to make a good impression of yourself! Smile and make eye-contact- it boosts their confidence in you as well as yourself.

4.    Be genuine: We know when we’ve encountered someone who has been dragged there by a friend or has to be there just to go through the motions, it’s pretty evident. However, if you peek a genuine interest in what you’re going there to do, it generates a ripple effect that effects those around you and those you will engage with. It’s contagious to feel good about something. So don’t let the blues or disinterest get the best of you and stop you from making a killer first impression.

5.    And lastly, come prepared: Be ready and gather as much information about your meeting as best you can so if they hit you with any curveballs, you’ll be prepared. This will show that you respect everyone who is giving you time and allows you to conduct a productive meeting! Keep a lively momentum so that you impress them as best you can. Apart of preparation is dressing for the part. Make sure you come dressed up in the correct attire- and pro tip: Don’t leave picking your outfit until the last minute! Be prepared and choose your clothes the night before.

So there you have it, 5 ways to make a killer first impression. Adapt these little tricks and advices to your everyday life to make the best lasting impression you can for yourself. These can help people think the best of you and remember that first impressions are ones that stick.