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How to write up a 'killer' resume

How to Write Up a ‘Killer’ Resume

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10 January 2018

Now, writing the perfect resume can be a challenge with all the competition out there. There are many formats and eye-catching designs and layouts that might catch the eye and although we appreciate the colourful layouts you present to us, there is a lot more that needs to be magnified than the physical appeal. Content! Here is a step-by-step guide to help you build up the perfect resume:

You are advertising yourself! Make sure that each brilliant aspect of you shines through your resume. You should tell us how you think you could be an asset to the company. Like any other product, one would want to know the direct benefits and your potential employer should be convinced that you are the best possible person to succeed in this job.

Stay connected! Always do your research and gather as much information about the company as you can. Try and associate yourself with them as much as you can, find what they celebrate and find a way to link your achievements to that. Be tactful when trying to place their use of language in your resume.

Adapt! Try to customize your resume to fit what your potential employers want to see. Recruiters sift through resumes to find what would suit their company best. With any application you would want to tweak your resume a bit to fit the mould of the perfect employee. The effect of the interview is to land yourself an interview and if you have not succeeded at that, make sure that your strengths and abilities are highlighted hand-in-hand with the company’s strategy.

Stay low on the Ego! Now with any sort of marketing, it is about customer satisfaction, not necessarily the product. You want to let your potential employer know the benefits that comes with hiring you. Now don’t be modest, just accentuate your abilities so that recruiters generate interest towards you!

Become a part of the family! A business is a huge beehive with worker bees all working together towards a common goal. Make sure you are ready and willing to be a part of the hive. If so, then your next step is to convince them that you are one of them.

Know what kind of resume you’re writing! They can differ from chronological and functional or in most cases, both. Chronological is a traditional type of resume, assuming you’re going into the same field of work (such as law). This is good for informative purposes but rarely highlights your best capabilities.  A functional resume outright advertises your accomplishments and abilities instead of having to look through job descriptions. This format is best for moving into a new field!  The combination of the two enhances the advantages of both the formats.

Consider yourself! If you have through a number of different jobs, you may find that you have picked up skills that you did not even notice. There are simple but significant things such as: time management, composure under pressure, persuasive communication, etc. Be sure to highlight these qualities along with your other achievements.

We hope that you are successful in your endeavors and that potential employers see your worth! Happy Job hunting!