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01 August 2017

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Innovative, energetic and creative?

If this sounds like you, then you’re the perfect fit for our internship programme. Get to experience Marketing and Communications across multiple brands working on many different platforms. And the best part?

You’re getting paid to learn! So we’re going to be picky #exceptional #unique #talented #driven #passionate #tech-savvy

Want the details?

3 Streps


  • Written application: A letter addressed to the ruler of a ‘Planet in a Galaxy Far Far away’. You need to convince the ruler that you are the right human being from Earth to visit their planet and share your knowledge and creativity. You will need to explain what brilliance you will offer to ease their workload and grow their planet. Be sure to list the unique skills and traits you have. Make sure you design a letterhead/logo that represents your personal brand to make it appealing. Have fun doing it!
  • Visual application: Accompanying your application, you need to create a visual showcase – it can be a video, animation or “still” advert (using images, footage of yourself, your voice, props, abilities etc. Submit this edited creative piece via to or send us a link to your YouTube page / live post. In the visual application – tell us who you are and what you can do…. Why you should be the one to join our team.
  • Digital Deets: You must include an overview of your digital citizenship in either the written or visual application – Social Media Handles and any websites or Blogs that you host or contribute to.

For more information, contact:


Closing Date is 8th August 2017