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Make a Great Impression at Your Interview

Career Advice

28 November 2016

You’re on stage in the interview so own that stage! You are there to sell your education, skills, experience, and personality to the employer so consider these key points before your next interview!


  • Show up on time – The best way to fail an interview is to be late. Be ten minutes early!
  • Dress the part – Dress for the job you want. Keep jewelry minimal and make it appropriate to the industry and if you know what the dress code is for the company, follow it.
  • Smile and make Eye contact – People hire other people so warm up the room with your smile!
  • Move first, shake hands – A polite firm handshake, a look in the eye, a smile, and say, “So pleased to meet you.”
  • Bring only the essentials – Don’t carry in food or drink to an interview. Bring only what you need and make sure it is well organised so if you’re asked to provide something, you have it ready.
  • Be nice to the receptionist -  You want the job and the receptionist is someone you’ll be working with so be nice  and polite and learn his/her name. Be sure to thank them again by name on the way out.
  • Leave your phone in the car or turn it off – A phone ringing in the middle of an interview is bad for your chances. If this ever happens to you – does it have to be said? – don’t take the call!
  • Find a connection – Look up your interviewer online before you come to the interview. LinkedIn is a good place to find information. Sometimes you can find something you have in common with them so you will be able to make small talk and help relax the atmosphere.
  • Avoid filler words – like ah-um-eh-like – When a question is asked that you have trouble with, pause, say something like “That is a great question.” and then you can begin your answer. Don’t buy time with filler words, it looks bad.
  • Practice good posture -  Sit up straight and no slouching!
  • Show gratitude – At the end of the interview do not rush off! Shake hands, smile, say thank you, and offer to answer any further questions if needed.
  • Send a thank you card – Do not forget this step. Many people do so it will set you apart from the crowd.