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28 November 2016

In order to bridge the gender diversity gap in the workplace, companies need to start doing the following:

  • Allow flexible working hours for the staff, and career flexibility to support their work-life balance. Do not prevent your staff from working remotely, but rather give them a flexible schedule in terms of start and finish times, and the option of child day-care at the office itself.
  • Be proactive and promote your female employees before they put themselves up for a promotion. Pay close attention to their successes and accomplishments and promote them based on that. This should pave the way for deserving female employees to be promoted at the same rate as their male peers.    
  • Establish a policy which ensures that both men and women are compensated equally for performing the same work. Beyond equal pay for equal work, the policy should also ensure that both genders are treated equally in recruitment, training, hiring and promotion.
  • Acknowledge your company's successful women - whether they hold management positions or are rank-and-file employees. There is nothing as demonstrative of your efforts to promote equality, as the women who have achieved success because of it.

My tips to women:

  • Women must not be afraid to take on male-dominated careers and roles.
  • Be tenacious and accept roles which are bigger than you are – worry about being “ready enough” later.
  • Take the pressure off yourself, but never – and I mean never – stop learning. Remain true to who you are, be politically savvy, do good for others, be the nurturing self which God designed you to be.
  • Don’t feed the stereotype of what a woman’s role should look like. Ladies, remember to breathe and have fun.
  • Put your family first, adopt an attitude of fearing failure and above all – never forget where you came from, and the lessons you learned, as this will be your springboard into a life of infinite possibilities.