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Tips for Getting That Job Offer

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28 November 2016

Congratulations! You got an interview!  Good for You!


Now that you have this opportunity, you have to prepare to close the deal and land a job offer. I hear from people all the time on Facebook and Twitter who are sad that they had an interview and are still waiting to hear if they got the job, sometimes weeks later! I always tell them to apply for more jobs, don’t wait! But if they are making mistakes in the interview, perhaps they will have the same result over and over again.


So how do you get ready for that important interview so you are ready? You must prepare to present yourself so the interviewer will look at you like you’re Neo in “The Matrix,” and say, “This is THE ONE.”


Try doing these five things and you’ll be a lot more likely to land the job.


  1. Dress for success. Image is critical so dress for the job you want. You must look your best, their first impression of you is when you come walking in the door. Remember that a smile is the best accessory you can wear!
  2. Have an interview plan. What skills do you have the make you the best candidate for this position? What training or experience do you have that is relevant? What questions will you ask the interviewers?
  3. Ask who is interviewing you. Try to learn who these people are and what position they hold. An Internet search will tell you more about them, where they went to school and where they worked (check
  4. Research the company. Common wisdom is that it is a BIG error to know nothing about the company when you enter the interview. The interview is not a fact finding mission, it is a fact sharing mission, it is a sales seminar for a sparkling, quality product, YOU!
  5. Practice for the interview. Write out the questions you think you will be asked and write out your answers. Include what you have accomplished in previous jobs in your answers if it is relevant. Include describing your skills if it’s relevant to the question and the position.


I had a boss once who used this sentence a lot with staff, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” You have been offered an interview and now it is time to sell yourself to your next employer. Prepare to yourself well and you can land that job offer!