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Optimisation of call centre agents for a leading African mobile network

Case Studies

28 November 2016


Business Challenge

Our client is one of South Africa’s leading mobile telephone networks and, common with many cellular network call centre operations, experiences significant increases in call volumes during the year- end holiday season.

Historically, between one-third and one-half of annual call volumes are experienced in the last two months of the year. During these months, an increase occurs in gifts of handsets, air-time vouchers, and cell phone accessories, combined with increased communication between family, friends and loved ones over the holiday season.

In 2006, the industry was also concerned about “mobile number portability”, and the call centre was expecting greatly increased customer requests for information and telephone number transfers.

We calculated that the cost of additional staff required to service year-end call volumes was approximately R14.3m (including salaries, training, support services, technology, systems, rental, and other associated costs), which was prohibitive.

In addition to the cost implications, the logistics associated with introducing more than 200 comparatively inexperienced call centre agents into the environment for the first time, posed significant risks of operational disruption during the client’s busiest period.

In addition to the regular deployment of call centre agents, we would also be required to deploy managers, support services, and team leaders, with the added risk that customer service, employee performance, and general wellbeing would be inconsistently managed over such a short time-frame.


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